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    What's in the guide

    This mini-guide contains a complete list of all my block printing tools I use for my block printing work on an almost daily basis, including some personal comments. I also included a one-page quick starter guide for those of you starting out and wanting to know which tools are the bare minimum. Additionally I added a (far from complete) list of art supply shops around the world to help you get started.

    How this guide came to life

    Some of the most frequently asked questions you ask me are around which tools I use or where to buy them. While I have always shared this information openly in my stories and posts on Instagram and always try to answer as many questions as possible from comments and messages, I wanted to have all this information in one single place you can easily access - A free resource that contains all this information in a structured way and that you can easily download for your personal use. A complete list of all the tools I use in my daily block printing work. And that's how this mini-guide came to life - now available in it's second edition.


    Hi, I am Ali, the printmaker and pattern addict behind 3DOTTEDPENGUINS. I show new work regularly on Instagram. I teach online block printing workshops via Zoom, both for the beginner and the more advanced student. My shop is always stocked with a selection of original paper block prints, screen-printed fabrics such as tea towels, t-shirts and tote bags, and high-quality stationery items such as greeting cards and postcards. You can also find 3DOTTEDPENGUINS on Pinterest and Facebook.